Is Your Teen Ready to Get a Job?

teen ready to get a job

Is your teen constantly bugging you for cash?


Is Your Teen Ready for a Job

Maybe it’s time to get the little mooch off the couch.


But is your teen ready to get a job?


Here are a few things to consider to find out if they’re ready.


As you go through the list, if it seems your kid isn’t ready, it just may mean they’re better off working for themselves. That’s okay too.


That may be the case either way. I have always been what people would consider the ideal employee. Always on time. Good people skills. Good work ethic. Excellent at following directions, focus and follow through.


However, I personally hate being on someone else’s time schedule and making the money for them instead of for myself. After being out of the traditional workforce for 15 years, I would find it very difficult to go back.




Is Your Teen Ready to Get a Job?  #teenjobsideas #tweenjobsmakemoney


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What’s the legal age in your state. Where we live, most places require you to be16. There are a few that hire at 15 but since it’s just a few, competition is steep.


So what to do if they’re younger and still want to earn some cash?


 Here’s one way…Click HERE for more.



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More ideas later on.


How are their grades?


Can they keep those up while having a job? Maybe a job only on the weekends or during the summer will work better for them. Maybe something from home.


How well do they handle stress or multiple requests at once?

Is Your Teen Ready for a Job

Waiting on customers can be stressful. It’s a great learning experience on how to deal with difficult people. Difficult people are everywhere. Can they keep calm when someone else is blowing up?


Do they make good choices?


Will they be like Peter Brady working in the ice cream shop eating all the ice cream or more like Marsha doing extra work without being asked?


Are they reliable?


What happens when they want to go to the beach with their friends or don’t feel like going to work?


Can they focus and follow directions?


Bosses and customers don’t want to keep repeating themselves. Bosses don’t want to have to check up on someone to make sure they’re doing their job right.


How do they feel about it?


Do they really want a job and are willing to work or do they really just want to whine about not having any money.


More questions to ask: How will they get there? Is it close enough to walk or bike? Will you have to drive them back and forth every time? Can you or do you want to commit to that? Will they need to get a cell phone?


Sometimes you just won’t know until it happens.


My son hates doing the two lawn mowing jobs he has and complains about it every time. Yet, he will go work for his friend who has a farm for 10-12 hours straight.


The lawn mowing is more money per hour by a lot, but working with his friend and doing completely different work, though harder, is more enjoyable for him. So you just never know.


Earning money without a J. O. B.


Traditional jobs that require you to work for someone else aren’t the only way for teens to make money. While it may be more steady, it isn’t for everyone.


Even kids can earn money these days with all the opportunities available to them to earn money while setting their own schedule around school, sports and family.


This decade has moved us beyond lawn mowing and babysitting…although still great ideas.


Shameless plug 😉


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  • What types of hobbies do they have?

  • What are they good at? Could one of those turn into a money maker?

  • Making jewelry or other handicrafts can be sold online or at craft fairs.

  • Are they great at photography or music?

  • If they are excellent students, how about tutoring?

  • Good at makeup artistry? They could work kids birthday parties or fairs doing face painting.


Using birthday parties as an idea could they make balloon animals, run kids games, or help set up and clean up. You never know what people need help with or are willing to pay for.


If they work with people they know, they won’t have to worry about the safety factor going into people’s homes. Working in public locations like tutoring at the library or doing parties at a function hall could give them the opportunity to branch out.


How about starting a blog? Or earning through Instagram.


It’s not easy and money doesn’t happen right away but at their own pace and from anywhere is a pretty cool way to work.

For more on starting a blog, click HERE.


And in case you missed it…


babysitter business bundle  #teenjobsideas #tweenjobsmakemoney

 #teenjobsideas #tweenjobsmakemoney
 #teenjobsideas #tweenjobsmakemoney

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