Is Your Tween Ready to Babysit?

tween ready to babysit

Is your tween ready to babysit?



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Find out now if you're tween is ready to babysit #tween




Practically a rite of passage, babysitting was once what every tween or teen girl did to make some cash.


Today there are so much more opportunities for tweens and teens to make money, read HERE for more ideas.


However, since there are so many other ways it means fewer tweens and teens are competing for the same babysitting jobs.


How do you decide if your tween is ready to babysit?




While age alone doesn’t make her ready, some states have a minimum age that you can legally leave kids home alone. Check your state regulations before you agree.


Maturity and Responsibility


Is she mature enough to be in charge without being bossy? Bossiness with siblings doesn’t mean she’ll be that way with others. Get her around some younger kids and see what happens. Maybe at a birthday party organizing the games.


Does she make good choices? What about when someone is trying to influence her. Kids are great at wearing people down. Would the kids be able to talk her into letting them break the rules?


Is she mature enough to follow rules and not to jump around if an adult isn’t there?


 Is Your Tween Ready to Babysit


Is she comfortable in other people’s homes?


Will being in charge in a strange home make her nervous? Does she scare easily? Has she been home alone before? What about at night? Not everyone has house phones anymore. Will she have a cell phone?


Decisive and Level-Headed


Can she quickly decide what to do if everyone is clamoring at once, while the phone is ringing and someone spills something?


Would she be calm in an emergency?




Is Your Tween Ready to Babysit?


Does she know what to do during an emergency?


Different emergencies require different decisions. My kids know that if there are certain emergencies they call 9*1*1 and don’t open the door. In others, they need to leave the house first and call 9*1*1 after.


How well does she handle stress or multiple requests at once?


Crying kids, especially with other kids to take care of is hard. Maybe starting with families that only have one child or an older one rather than a baby might be a good way to get some experience under her belt.


Focus and Following Directions


Different households have different rules. Childcare involves multiple steps requiring undivided attention.




Having younger siblings can offer some experience. Though it’s not exactly the same. Different house, different rules. Siblings may not listen or get along with her but that doesn’t mean she won’t be able to work it out with other kids.


If she does have younger siblings, has she watched them alone before? For how long?


Has she taken a Babysitter Course? What about first aid or CPR?


These courses are offered through Red Cross and often include not only childcare instructions but usually first and CPR training too. Certificates are issued on completion of the course.


If your area doesn’t have a class available, Red Cross offers a 4-hour basic online course. First aid and CPR courses could be added on locally.


Does she want to babysit?


Is Your Tween Ready to Babysit?




Is Your Tween Ready to Babysit?




Not every girl wants to babysit, just like every boy doesn’t want to mow lawns. Does she even like kids? Get along with other kids? Or does she really just want a way to make some money?


There are so many other ways out there these days.


Read THIS post if they want a job but babysitting isn’t for them.



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