7 Awesome Gifts for Tween Girls

TOP GIFT IDEAS FOR TWEEN GIRLS  – 2019    Buying gifts for tween girls can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be.   By this age, most kids are into some type of activity or have a strong interest in something.   So you would think this makes it easier to find a gift. Read More

Is She Ready to Shave Her Legs?

So you’re wondering if your tween is ready to shave her legs?   It’s something we’re contemplating around here too.   Some of the early milestones were easier.   First steps, first tooth.   Sure they had their challenges, but now it seems every one of them requires a decision on our part.   Are Read More

7 Awesome Gifts for Teen Boys

TOP GIFT IDEAS FOR TEEN BOYS  2019 Buying presents for teen boys can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be.   Past the point of toys and mundane stuff.  Yet not quite adults.  Cash is still king, but if you’re looking for something else, try these.   This post contains affiliate links. I will Read More

Our All-Time Favorite Book for Tween Girls

There are so many books for tween girls.   Some are great, some are awful.  This is our favorite.   The tween years are a tough age.  Not teens, not really little, not so cute anymore either.  They struggle to fit in.  Differences in development begin to really stand out.  That’s why this book is Read More