Start a Blog

So you think you want to Start a Blog?


If you had asked me a few years ago if I would be writing a blog I would have thought you were crazy.


I have never been a writer.  I talk an obscene amount but I would say much of it isn’t exactly worth sharing or designed to make a difference as more just fill the silence.  Charming I know. 🙂


But after stumbling on some seriously hilarious blog posts and then seeing Start Your Own Blog pins everywhere on Pinterest I was intrigued.


I had already been at home for 14 years.  I was pretty much homebound since my grandmother needed someone with her all the time.  She mostly was doing her own thing around the house so I had plenty of time.  I saw this as a huge opportunity to do something new for myself and maybe make some money.


Since I figured there was nothing to lose.  I jumped in within days.  And when I say jumped, I mean it.  I knew nothing about ANY. OF. IT.  A whole new set of terminology.  Coding, blogging, design, they all have their own language.


Since then, I won’t lie, there’s been yelling, crying and frustration along with the joys of my first comments and my first subscribers.    I still get excited every time someone subscribes.   The emails people have sent me have made it all worth it and I would do it again.


I still consider myself a newbie.   My blog is tiny and I don’t have a lot of subscribers.  However, I know more than I did a year ago, but every day I learn new ideas, trends, and improvements for my blog and my writing.


If writing for an audience scares the crap out of you, Click Here this post might help.


Want to start one too?


These are the tools I use to run my blog.


This post contains affiliate links that help me support this blog.  Click here to see my full disclosure policy.



The web hosting service that provides the technology and services needed for the website or webpage to be viewed on the Internet.


I just recently switched my hosting to Siteground.  Several times per year they run awesome sales for 70% off sign-ups.  If you already have a website, they will transfer everything over fast and free.

Superior customer service, site speed and site downtimes are almost never.


Signing up with Siteground makes it all so easy.  For plans starting at only $9.95 per month, you can get yourself up and running quickly.  It even includes a FREE domain name (your website name) and an email address to match your website.  


Once you get set up, installing (the software used to create a website and blog), can be done right through your Siteground account.


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FREE email marketing service.  For people who want your wisdom as soon as you hit publish.   Click here to learn more.



Scheduling and analytic tool for Instagram and Pinterest.  Using this tool I have over 50 pins a day scheduled automatically in case I don’t have the time to pin or you know since I’m not up at 1 am.


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FREE graphic design software for creating images for your blog, Pinterest, and Instagram.  Click here to start designing.


Pajama Affiliates

Want to monetize your blog?   These courses teach you everything you need to know to make affiliate marketing work for you.  Learn from Robin and Lesley through an amazing series of video modules.  From newbie to advanced there’s something for everyone.  Click here to learn about the Blogging and Affiliate Marketing Course for Beginners.

Since I had already had some blogging and affiliate marketing experience, I personally took the Affiliate Marketing Business Bundle (which consisted of three courses) and in addition took the Amazon Associates Masterclass.



An affiliate marketing company that offers links to partnerships with the world’s best-known brands through their websites, blogs and content.  Click here to benefit your blog.


This post contains affiliate links that help me support this blog.   Click here to see my full disclosure policy.