50 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

mother's day gift ideas

It’s time for Mother’s Day Gift Ideas…


With all types of moms out there you’re sure to find one of my Mother’s Day gift ideas is sure to please even the most difficult of mothers.


….don’t forget your


wife…if she’s the mother of your kids or any kids






and any other mom you want to honor. 

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How well do you know the momma you’re celebrating? 


Some would love to have a gift to open others would love to have the gift of time spent together, yet others would appreciate acts of service.


If you know this, your gift will be so much more appreciated.


If you’re not sure what that means, it’s a concept called the 5 love languages outlined in a book by Gary Chapman.  In it he describes 5 ways people like to receive love.  His first book was written with romantic love in mind, but now he has a bunch more specific to relationships with your kids, your teens,and more like these.

The cliff notes version –


  1. Acts of Service – they like things done for them even just filling their gas tank

  2. Physical Touch – holding hands and hugging and of course sex, but we’re talking our moms here so, yuck, lol jk

  3. Words of Affirmation – telling them they’re appreciated or celebrated

  4. Quality Time – spending time with them

  5. Receiving Gifts – giving them stuff, though could be picked flowers or found seashells, doesn’t have to be monetary


Pair it with their hobby and you’ve got a winner.  I have broken the gift ideas down by hobby, but then added ideas from acts of service and time added in with the gifts to purchase.


Check out these 50 plus mother's day gift ideas that are sure to be a hit with someone on your list. All kinds of mothers included. #giftideas #giftgiving #mothersday

Mother’s Day Gifts


For the Gardener


  • Flowers

  • Clean Up Her Yard

  • Visit a Garden Center together

  • Gardening Gloves

  • Birdhouse

  • Expandable Hose

  • Wheelbarrow

  • Windchimesmine have survived 20 New England winters

  • Bat House…they eat all the mosquitos

  • Birdbath…and a bird watching book

  • Gardening Tools

  • Yard Art


For the Techie



For the weary mom who needs a pick me up…. (that’s all of them)


For the Cook



For the one who needs to get out more…



If you’re giving it to someone who still has kids at home, adding in a gift certificate for free babysitting for each month makes a welcome gift for any mom with kids still at home.


For The Minimalist or Downsizer in the Making


Any of the ideas above for giving your time or a gift certificate like the pedicure.


Think things no one has to store or dust.  a.k.a. less crap


Things you cannot hold unless they are used one time, like the gift certificate.


  • Netflix Card

  • Spring Cleaning on your time or your dime

  • Wash and Detail Her Car

  • Spruce up something she always mentions…like powerwash her deck or paint her kitchen…assuming you don’t totally suck at these, lol

  • Clean out her garage, shed, attic or cellar…if she wants to declutter but needs some help.


If you know a mom who’s a caregiver, read this post.


Want to make a list for yourself…go here to get this free printable.


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Check out these 50 plus mother's day gift ideas that are sure to be a hit with someone on your list. All kinds of mothers included. #gifts #giftgiving #mothersday

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