3 Valentine’s Day Ideas as a Single Mom

Okay, let’s face it…your first Valentine’s Day as a newly single mom is probably going to suck.   You’re still sad, mad, lonely or all three.   How much more can it be rubbed in and highlighted than a national holiday celebrating lovers? 😣   *Sigh    So what’s a single girl, a single mom Read More

5 More Tips When Separating from Your Spouse

If you didn’t see my first 5 tips when separating, jump back .  That earlier post on separating dealt with the emotional side.    This one is more about the practical side when separating.      This post contains affiliate links. I will earn a commission at no additional charge to you if you make a Read More

75 Self-Care Ideas for Moms

75 Self-care ideas for moms   I started out writing this post with the newly single mom in mind.    If you’re newly single, I see you.     You might like: Newly Separated? 5 Things You Must Do Right Away   After a few paragraphs and a few days to let things percolate, I decided Read More