one reason I'm glad I was a caregiver and one reason I'd never do it again

One Reason I’m Glad I Was A Caregiver And One Reason I’d Never Do It Again

This post contains affiliate links. I will earn a commission at no additional charge to you if you make a purchase using my links. Click here to see my full disclosure policy.   Caregiving is a tough job. Caregiving full-time, as in around the clock, is insanely hard. Doing it with a growing family and a marriage to Read More

Back to School Roundup

Round Up of My 5 Favorite Back to School Posts

As I started to come up with some ideas for getting your tween or teen back to school I read some really great ideas on Pinterest.     So I decided rather than just rehash the same ideas I would put together a round up of my 5 favorite back to school posts.  And one Read More

All time favorite must read for tween girls

Our All-Time Favorite Book for Tween Girls

There are so many books for tween girls. Some are great, some are awful.  This is our favorite. The tween years are tough age.  Not teens, not really little, not so cute any more either.  They struggle to fit in.  Differences in development begin to really stand out.  That’s why this book is our all-time Read More

how to make a hot cold pack

How to Make a Hot Cold Pack

Many of you asked how to make a hot-cold pack used in How to Make Her an Amazing First Period Kit.   In the spirit of full disclosure, although I do own a sewing machine, I barely know how to sew. This means my packs aren’t necessarily very pretty, but they are functional. This, however, is Read More