1 Gift Giving Idea Your Family Will Love

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Gift giving when you’ve been married a while can be harder to come up with. When you’ve been married a really, long time gets even harder.


This will be our 30th Christmas.


Last year at Christmas time, my husband says what he always says.


“Don’t get me anything for Christmas.”


Well, I agree that we don’t have to go crazy but it’s nice to open something to join in the festivities, especially when you have kids.


So I wondered what I could come up with that would be thoughtful and useful while not breaking the bank.


I like to get creative.

Gift giving when you've been married a long time can be challenging #uniquegifts #familyfun #giftgiving

What we came up with was so fun, I wish we could do it every year. Though the fact that is was unique, made it so much more enjoyable that I think it would lose its luster if done again.


Maybe, if we did it for someone else.


I came up with the idea of using the song, the 12 Days of Christmas. A few ideas we had when heading to the store, others we found as we browsed the aisles.


Once we purchased everything, we wrapped the gifts and wrote a small number on the underside, so we could hand each one to him in the correct order as we sang.


We made sure all of us knew which items went to each “day” and practiced a few times.


We don’t normally do corny things here, I think that’s why he liked it so much.

These were the gifts infused into the song:


On the 12th day of Christmas, my family gave to me


12 Hershey Kisses


11 Twizzler Bites


10 Bucks in Coffee


9 Packs of Popcorn


8 Stretchy Work Gloves


 7 Butane Lighters


6 Car Air Fresheners


5 V- Neck Tees

4 Handwarmers


3 Packs of Gum


2 Pairs of Sweatpants




1 New Shiny Cell Phone


Most of it was in from one shopping trip.  I added the Cumberland’s Gift Card at $10.  And the first item bought was the phone from a Black Friday deal for $24.  In total, I spent only about $75.


Dorky I know, but how did it go over?….Awesome.


How do I know?


Because my husband is the least dorky person I know and he liked it so much he was telling everyone about it.


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