tween boy girl dance

Is Your Tween Ready For A Boy-Girl Dance?

I remember when we found out we were having a girl.     My husband who doesn’t scare easily didn’t speak for about 3 hours. He just sat staring off into nowhere. It was like someone in shock. Catatonic.     His sister called at some point during those few hours and he spent most Read More

Is Your Tween Ready to Babysit

Is Your Tween Ready to Babysit?

Is your tween ready to babysit?   If you already know the answer is YES….Click HERE   If you’re still not sure…       Practically a rite of passage, babysitting was once what every teen girl did to make some cash.   Today there are so much more opportunities for tweens and teens to Read More

Teen Ready to get a job

Is Your Teen Ready to Get a Job?

Is your teen constantly bugging you for cash?   Maybe it’s time to get the little mooch off the couch.   But is your teen ready to get a job?   Here are a few things to consider to find out if they’re ready.   As you go through the list, if it seems your Read More

tween teen first period survival kit

How to Make Her an Amazing First Period Survival Kit

How to Make Her an Amazing First Period Survival Kit    A first-period survival kit is a must-have for tweens and teens before they start. The sooner you have it ready the better.   They grow up so fast these days” seems so cliché, but seriously, it’s happening around here. My daughter will be 11 Read More