The Woman Under the Crown


Hi and welcome to


Pardon Me, My Crown Slipped


Raising kids, taking care of elderly parents or grandparents. 

Are you dealing with the stress of taking care of everyone but you?

  Part of the Sandwich Generation?

Are you trying to juggle it all?  Wondering how long you can before

somethings gotta give?

Me too!



After home-schooling and care giving full-time for two years

I am still learning everyday.

Just when I think I’m juggling all the balls, I realize I dropped one and

kicked it under the couch.


Let’s figure it out together


My name is Laurie


I am 45 and married to Michael, my high school sweetheart.

I’m a stay-at-home mom, home educating our 3 kids

Noah-14, Quinn-10 (girl) and Rowan-8 (boy).


We take full-time care of my 86-year old grandma with dementia,

hers not mine, though some days that’s debatable.


In fact, I’m pretty sure I have Momentia. 

That mom condition where your mind doesn’t work like it used to.

mom brain fog


I’m not really an overachiever, I just pretend to be one in real life.

I take on too much and can’t say no,  though my kids will tell you

otherwise.  Most of the time I manage to do marginally better than a

half-ass job.


I talk way too much kinda an “over-sharer”.

you had the power all along my dear

I’ve spent my life being a “nice” girl and doing what I’m told.

Maybe I don’t wanna anymore sooo….


I hope my online alter-ego is going to change that.  Here I tell the truth

about marriage, families, kids, parenting, women, taking care of elderly

relatives, and whatever the hell else happens to show up in

this crazy life of ours.

That may include language that isn’t family friendly. 😉


 I hope you like us.   Stay awhile.  Come back.  Share with friends.


Need help?  Let me know.