Sexy Texts

22 Sexy Texts to Send Your Husband

My husband and I have been together since the beginning of our senior year in high school. That’s 29 years in case you wanted to know. ¬†ūüėČ     Here’s us back then going to the Senior Prom in 1989         We’ve had our ups and downs, and not just my hair Read More

 one reason I'm glad I was a caregiver and one reason I'd never do it again

One Reason I’m Glad I Was A Caregiver And One Reason I’d Never Do It Again

Caregiving is a tough job. Caregiving full-time, as in around the clock, is insanely hard. Doing it with a growing family and a marriage to nurture nearly broke me. There’s one reason I’m glad I was a caregiver and one reason I’d never do it again.   Many of my 2016 posts were about caregiving. Read More

All time favorite must read for tween girls

All Time Favorite Must Read for Tween Girls

The tween years are tough age. ¬†Not teens, not really little, not so cute any more either. ¬†They struggle to fit in. ¬†Differences in development begin to really stand out. ¬†That’s why this book is our all time favorite must read for tween girls..   This post contains affiliate links, click¬†here¬†to see my full disclosure Read More

tween teen first period survival kit

How to Make Her an Amazing First Period Survival Kit

How to Make Her an Amazing First Period Survival Kit   ¬†A first-period survival kit is a must-have for tweens and teens before they start. The sooner you have it ready the better.   They grow up so fast these days‚ÄĚ seems so clich√©, but seriously, it’s happening around here. My daughter will be 11 Read More

My Blog Identity Crisis

My Blog Identity Crisis and What I’m Doing About It

  I’ve been away too long…did you miss me? ¬†What happened? ¬†Where did I go? Well, I’ve been having a blog identity crisis I’ve been like an ostrich with her head in the sand. More like sitting on the couch with Netflix and cookies. Not too many cookies, but definitely too much Netflix.   When Read More

times changing

The Times They Are A Changin’

The times they are a changin’. Can’t you just hear Bob Dylan. Ok, maybe that’s just me.   Things are changing a bit here at Pardon Me, My Crown Slipped. Mostly for me, not quite as much for you. Bringing in a bit more balance for all.   Yes I am a caregiver, but I Read More

tools resources juggle kids homemaking caregiving blogging

My Top 7 Tools & Resources to Do. All. The. Things.

So here’s the question I get asked more than anything. ‚ÄúHow do you do it all? You take care of your grandmother around the clock. You home school the kids. Run the house. Now a blog.‚ÄĚ Which most of my friends and family don’t even know about the blog by the way.   LOL. Well Read More

Maintain Your Strength When You Will Never Get Better 7 Simple Exercises

How to Maintain Your Strength When You Will Never Get Better

It’s inevitable. Most of us will experience a loss of muscle strength as we get older. Maybe it’s an illness or a fall. Maybe it’s lack of activity that begins a slow, sometimes imperceptible decline.   But what happens when you know you won’t get better? That no matter what, no matter how much you Read More